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SONY / Re: Sony KDL-42EX410 dump bin memoria eeprom firmware flash
« em: Dezembro 20, 2023, 02:55:33 pm »
Hello sir, the same model and the same main, I read EEPROM from my problematic board from U13 M24128 and it's exactly 16kB, your EEPROM is 256 byte. Where you read this 256 bytes from? Whic IC? This is not EEPROM I think, do you have any other file on this model, please?
The problem with TV was continuous restarts after logo, every 10 seconds, After I tryed your NAND dump on this TV, now it's not even turning on, then I wrote original firmware and the same - it's now not even turning on.

Nice, thank you sir  :obrigado:

Hello dear admin, the link is not working, could you please fix it?

You are the best our admin Xeontec  :obrigado: :brinde:

TOSHIBA / Re: Toshiba 50L5550VT upgrade software de atualização via USB
« em: Novembro 15, 2023, 02:07:14 pm »
Hello dear admin, the link is no working, could you fix it please?  :please:

TOSHIBA / Re: Toshiba 49L5660EA firmware update software atualização USB
« em: Novembro 10, 2023, 10:01:44 am »
Sir How do I run this update? What combination should I press in order to run this?

TOSHIBA / Re: Toshiba 49L5660EA firmware update software atualização USB
« em: Novembro 07, 2023, 06:05:36 pm »
I have 5.93V on USB instead of 5V.
Fixed that, now it's 5.14V, changed FB resistors, 4.7k has 27k resistance.

TOSHIBA / Re: Toshiba 49L5660EA firmware update software atualização USB
« em: Novembro 06, 2023, 06:28:18 pm »
Thanks will try this out. Do you have any recommendations considering this worst TV platform in the world - Vestel ?  I know they are very problematic, and I never had a success with repairing any Vestel.

TOSHIBA / Re: Toshiba 49L5660EA firmware update software atualização USB
« em: Novembro 06, 2023, 11:59:15 am »
Hello our dear admin, this link is not working, could you please fix?  :ah:
If this will take a long time could you please give me a direct link for download? I need this ASAP, client will not wait more then several hours  :ah:

Hello dear admin, will it fit to? Or could you help me with this one please?

I set 1k resistor, but there is no changes. Also I looked into photoes, when this TV comes to me from another master and there was no resistor in that position. But I write dump into NAND and TV was working 2 days. After that I get TV back and flashed agin, then I put USB firmware and press upgrade, after that TV is always restating. Could there be a problem with SPI or Onenand?
 That resistor is connected to pin 16 CLE, how TV could worj without it 2 days?
 Also I think SPI is not touched in this chassis during USB flash. About Onenand - I don't know.

I tried this dump on 3 different NANDs for UE40D5500RW with BN41-01660A main and it's not working
(edited) on by board there is absent ZR1312 resistor. In photo from google I see that it must be.

Really, there where 2 leak solders between legs! It's working now, after 1.5 months  :brinde: :obrigado:

Hello dear friend! After new CPU I have red artifacts, could this be because of non-contact on the CPU ground pad? I have changed this CPU with preheating board to 100 Celsius, also used low temp solder.

hello dear admin, do you know what is the difference between BN41-01660A and this B ? Will it fit?

I measured the resistance, on N2 (new TV) it's 112R on line 1.2V, and 35R in N2 (old TV), I also measured this with desoldered SPi and EEPROM - the same. Also measured some transistors and resistors on that 1.2V line - all is ok. So I think, it's the CPU issue, which is semi-died because of high ripples from bad caps. On new TV I only have bad firmware because of the same bad caps. Will test new TV 1 day before say goodbay to it.

No, only TV N1, TV N2 was not working. But N2 is working now, after changing caps and with this SPI from your site sir "Hisence LCD32V88 main RSAG7.820.1637"  :obrigado:.
I tried the same with N1 - nothing changed. I also noticed that there is 0.516V on +1.2V in TV N2, and 0.044V dropoff in TV N1, in other worlds, in N1 we have very low resistance on line 1.2V and a lot of consumption and as I understand this voltage goes into CPU, because when I am heating CPU - resistance on that line goes lower, heating other components - makes no changes. So now I need to wait new CPU and try it on N1 TV.

Here is some videos


When you turn on the TV, does the standby LED turn blue and stay blue or does it turn back to red?
 The old TV (it's still with me) and the new one exactly the same, after tunrning it on, blue led goes red-blue (4-5 times) and it stays on blue color. And even there is a reaction on panel sensor buttons, when I press something - they are going on, but no changes in terminal logs when pressing them, TV just feels when I am touching them. By the way I ordered CPU MT8222 but it will come in about 1-2 weeks, but this 2nd TV client can't wait so much. And yes, again no backlight after turning on and TV consumes 19W.

Hello all, Today I get almost the same TV just this time the model is LCD32V87, with the same symptoms. All caps in PSU is excellent. Changed about 30 capacitors in MB with high ESR 5-15 Ohm - nothing changed after that.
Here is the log:

▒==== Reset ====▒$vPollingPowerKeyLoop----------------▒+==>>UI_bApiEepromReadByte(EEP_POWER_STATUS)▒UUU▒==>>fgApiEepromCheckMagic▒UUU▒
                                                                                                                                                 Rs232 Init▒  Dram Init▒
DMPLL Setting▒▒   SYSPLL Init▒DDR_D▒499.5▒
DMPLL PreDiv▒UUUDMPLL_FB▒UUU▒DMPLL VCO Band▒UUU▒DMPLL PostDiv(0 div 2; 1 div 1)▒UUU▒MEMPLL Setting▒     MEMPLL FB▒UUU▒MEMPLL FS Band▒UUU▒MEMPLL VCO Band▒UUU▒DMPLL Frequency=▒y▒MEMPLL Frequency=▒▒before testing dram▒Dram Test Pass▒exit setdramtype▒IR Init▒FP Init▒
AUDCODEC Init▒DSP ShareInfo Init▒                                                                                AUDCFG Init▒
                                 OSD HW Init▒
                                             Enable RISC▒Wait▒▒▒▒▒\▒▒f▒vApiEepromInit▒the main init..▒
Video HW Init▒"-----vDrvHDTVADCDefaultSetting ---▒
vApiVideoInit▒                                    Enable Init▒====setmute==1==▒
              vInitUIVar▒Wait Risc Ready▒Risc ok▒
Chg to UI_RUN▒OsdInitVBI InitTTX InitWSS Init▒  ANAS Init▒vAttachService Finished▒      vMainLoop▒chopper0327~~~~1▒vPowerOnLogoShow▒
Region 3▒ID▒UUU

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