Autor Tópico: Tv Sony chassi BE5 com led a piscar 4 vezes  (Lida 1210 vezes)


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Tv Sony chassi BE5 com led a piscar 4 vezes
« em: Outubro 28, 2017, 06:22:11 pm »
Estou com uma tv Sony chassi BE5 que não arranca e fica o led a piscar 4 vezes. Já trabalho pouco com televisores CRT, alguém me consegue facultar a lista de erros deste chassi para identificar a avaria?



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Re: Tv Sony chassi BE5 com led a piscar 4 vezes
« Responder #1 em: Outubro 28, 2017, 06:28:36 pm »
Aqui fica a lista amigo:
The identification of errors within the BE-5 chassis is triggered in 1 of 2 ways :- 1: Bus busy or 2: Device failure to respond to
I C. In the event of one of these situations arising the software will first try to release the Bus if busy (Failure to do so will report with
a continuous flashing LED) and then communicate with each relevant device in turn to establish if a device is faulty.
If a device is found to be faulty the relevant device number will be displayed through the LED by a Series of flashes which must be
counted (See Table 1), Non fatal errors are reported with this method.
If a fatal error is found, the set will simply stay in whichever state it was when the error occurred, but if a non fatal error occurs the set will try to continue to operate.
To check error code it is necessary to use TV error display part number S-188-900-10.
Table 1
No. of Flashes:           description:
    2   --------------- Jungle nacks IIC bus1 transmisson
    3  ---------------- Jungle FAULT (not OK) - flags
    4  ---------------- Jungle - No H flyback.
    5  ---------------- Sound Processor nacks IIC bus1 transmission
    6  ---------------- Protection error: No V synchro
    7  ---------------- NVM nacks IIC bus0 transmission
    8  ---------------- Tuner nacks IIC bus1 transmission
    9  ---------------- General IIC bus1 error (SDA1 or SCL1 are being held low.)
   10 ---------------- Protection input: X-ray protection